Activating Interpersonal Communication in a Thematic Unit

How can a unit on food and hunger and a focus on interpersonal tasks be integrated to create a meaningful context for novice learners? Emphasis will be placed on the integration of web 2.0 tools that can be used to scaffold instruction culminating in a summative interpersonal performance assessment.

Using real world contexts
Using real world contexts is a key component of 21st curriculum and instruction. Research shows that when teachers create meaningful learning activities that center on the resources, strategies, and contexts that students will encounter in adult life, such teaching reduces absenteeism, fosters cooperation and communication, builds critical thinking skills, and boosts academic performance. When students see the connection between what they are learning and real world issues that matter to them, their motivation soars, and so does their learning.
Source: 21st Century Curriculum and Instruction:Partnership for 21st Century Skills

Project-based Learning

Global Competency

Global competence is the capacity and disposition to understand and act on issues of global significance. (Asia Society)

ACTFL 21st Century Skills Map
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  3. ACTFL 21st century skills map infographic-Thanks to Lauren Rosen for such a powerful document: ACTFL 21St Century Skills Meet Technology Infographic