ACTFL Presentation 2011

Activating Interpersonal Communication in a Thematic Unit

How can a unit on food and hunger and a focus on interpersonal tasks be integrated to create a meaningful context for novice learners? Emphasis will be placed on the integration of web 2.0 tools that can be used to scaffold instruction culminating in a summative interpersonal performance assessment.

Summative Integrated Performance Assessments (IPA)
Students will read short authentic texts that provide information on food and hunger. They texts will be excerpted from Copain du Monde. Students will be given key English words and asked to find the French equivalent. They will be given statements and will indicate which statements provide information that is shared in the reading. They will also watch a brief youtube clip and state the main idea of the clip in English.
Students will have completed various activities based on visuals throughout the unit. For the interpersonal assessment, students will be given random images and will be expected to ask and answer questions about food choice, likes and dislikes and diet. They will discuss hunger based on the setting of the images.
Students will create a public service announcement to address nutritional and / or hunger issues in their community.

Essential Questions
How do we eat well?
Why does hunger exist?